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Pregnancy nutrition and recipe e-book


  After finding out the level of information pregnant ladies receive about nutrition from their midwife/ doctor/ hospital I was compelled to write this book. The book gives full explanations on what foods are safe to eat during pregnancy and...

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Mix it up


Do you ever find that no matter how much you tell yourself you like your training, sometimes you just have to say ‘I need a break!’ That’s where I was a last month. After filling every spare waking moment either...

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Top 5 breast feeding foods


    There are many benefits for breast feeding for both mother and baby, breast feeding uses an extra 500 calories a day, however  losing more than 1.5lbs per week  decreases the production of breast milk and puts both mother...

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Top post natal foods


            Giving birth is a huge task for the body and subsequently has certain effects on the body, some of which are unpleasant such as constipation. Getting the right nutrients into the body through our...

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Walking for weight loss


Walking has been found to lower the hormone cortisol. Cortisol is responsible for storing fat (particularly around our middles) and burning muscle (when insulin is high). Cortisol is therefore catabolic rather than metabolic, not good! With cortisol high in the...

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