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Rugby players do Pilates and Yoga too


As I write todays blog the Rugby World Cup is coming to its final weeks. The world cup favourites, New Zealand, practice yoga regularly in their fitness training. Nonu a consistent player of the team credits his form and lack of...

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Christmas workout


Don’t let your fitness slip over christmas, use short interval workouts using body weight exercises that can be done anywhere, see Video below.

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World diabetes day – are you at risk?


14th November was World diabetes day, diabetes has been on the increase with 3.9 million people in the UK currently suffering with diabetes, this figure is estimated to rise to 5 million by 2025. 56{772769afec4ea4fc06014772ae0e9ce225d1119f7ddd143e178308f9172957eb} of those with diabetes are men...

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Reduce post natal back pain


I regularly have new mums complain to me in class they they are suffering with back pain either in their lower back or just below the shoulder blades. The 3 main causes of this back pain are; poor lifting technique,...

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