6 Stone 2lbs weight loss

katie pics

This is Katie, one of my amazing Personal Training clients, I am so unbelievably proud of her weight loss. Katie has lost 6 stone and 2lbs in 8 months, and I think you will agree that is a fantastic achievement and she looks amazing. Here is what Katie had to say about the experience

“I’ve known Sarah a few years and she was the first person I messaged when my partner proposed, no way was I walking down the aisle without losing weight! I enlisted Sarah’s help in August 2016, at first I was super worried that we wouldn’t achieve our goal of 4 stone by July 2017 but Sarah was confident we could do it! And boy was she right, here I am, 6 stone 2 lbs total weight loss later and feeling fab! Sarah has been the most supportive and incredible person I could have asked to do this journey with me. Through all the high and low points she was always there at the other end of the phone. Thank you Sarah, you are truly incredible! Xxx”

Katie will agree when I say this was not an easy process, but she put her heart and soul into her goal. We had weeks where she lost lots and weeks where she only lost a pound, it was a true rollercoaster of emotions. Initially Katie came for 1 personal training session a week with me and I sent her home workouts to do on her own in-between sessions, which she did even when she really didn’t want to. I even convinced her to go running, which she will admit wasn’t easy but she did it. Everything I threw at Katie she did, even the walking lunges – she truly hates me for those. 4 months in Katie joined the gym attending various classes alongside the sessions she did with me, I think she secretly enjoys it!

Nutrition wise, Katie is a vegetarian, this caused me concern as I’m not and I thought I would struggle to help in this area, but we got there together. Katie didn’t cut any food groups out, in fact, one of Katie’s favourite meals is Spaghetti and (vegetarian) Meatballs – yikes, carbs! Yes Katie ate carbs! Never cut out Carbs! Katie did however cut out fizzy drinks and cake mix. The biggest change to Katie’s diet was portion control, her husband to be is a chef and cooks amazing food that is just to easy to eat, so this took a lot of getting used to, but they did it together.

Throughout the highs and the lows, Katie kept her goal in mind which helped massively with her motivation. Weight loss is not a quick or easy process and to smash the 4 stone goal Katie originally gave me shows true determination and strength of character. Katie I am so proud of you and I can’t wait to see you in your Wedding Dress, you are truly an inspiration.