Posts from 2012

The hotter the better


I love the heat but i’m talking about chilli peppers! These hot little devils have soooo many health benefits you need to be putting them in everything! Chillis contain a compound called capsaicin, capsaicin is responsible for the heat of...

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Osteoporosis – are you at risk?


With ‘World osteoporosis day’ nearly upon us (20th oct) i thought i would highlight some facts and figures, and what you can do to prevent or reduce your risk of osteoporosis in the future. Osteoporosis currently affects 2 million women...

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Pilates for runners – common injuries


As we are now in the height of charity race season I thought I’d help those runners who are new to the sport and help them prevent any unwanted injuries. The most common injuries we see over summer are running...

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