You are not a distance runner until you have suffered with the gingerbreads! If you are not a runner and have no clue what Im talking about, the gingerbreads is the polite term for runners trots. The delightful gels we take can play havoc with the digestive system, especially for someone with a already delicate digestive system like me!!!! You are supposed to introduce gels into your training slowly, I have been, I have slowly introduced them over the past year, with varying results and recently I thought my tummy can finally tolerate them. How mistaken was I? Im now up to 15 miles, so need to take more gels on. Knowing what gels can do to your tummy I had a plan, the plan went like this; I’ll take my first gel at 5 miles, fine, no problem. At 8-9 miles I will loop past home and Dave will have a piece of peanut butter toast ready for me, I get hungry at 10 miles so need to take on proper food. Loved the peanut butter toast managed to eat it while running, tasted amazing and Dave even had some dry gloves for me to change into as it was non stop rain, he’s very thoughtful. At 12 miles I will take my second gel to give me energy for 3 miles of uphill to home, this is where the problem arises. I take said gel, tummy says no! Here comes a runners worst fear! The dreaded gingerbreads, the frantic search for a toilet when there’s not one in sight, the realisation that you’re going to have to do an outside poo, you’ve no choice! So here is what I did, I jumped over a wall (not someone’s garden wall, thankfully cheshire is rural) up the road and hid while I did a Paula Radcliffe! The trauma! I guess 2 gels and peanut butter toast will not be my chosen nutrition for the marathon.