20 Miles in the bag

I did it, I ran 20 miles, it took me 3hours 30 mins and 1 sec, and you know what? It wasn’t so bad! Don’t get get me wrong it was tough and there was a bit of shuffling going on from about 19.5 miles but it wasn’t as horrific as I thought it would be. I think (fingers crossed) Ive got my nutrition right. 1 gel, 1 jam butty with no crusts cut in to quarters eaten a quarter at a time at 8 miles, 12 miles and 16 miles, the final quarter will be for 20 miles and then I’ll take 1 more gel at 23.
Most marathon training runners run up to 20 miles and find the last 6.2 miles on the day, at my pace that would mean I have to run another hour, and finding the strength in your legs to run for another hour after running 20 miles does not sound like the unknown I wish to experience on the day. Therefore, Im training up to 23 miles. The theory is, I will only have 3.2 miles left that I haven’t run, translating to half an hour of running or the equivalent of a Parkrun, and if I have to walk it, its only an hour of walking.

So wish me luck – 6 weeks to go!

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