Use or lose it

Its a cruel world in running and fitness, you work hard training for an event, stick to your programme, complete the event and then go on holiday, and why not, you’ve earned it! But, how many of you have been on holiday, done bugger all exercise and your first session back is killer?! Do we ever learn? Do we heck!

Normally Im pretty good at continuing to run when Im on holiday even if its just a short run once or twice, however, not so on our last holiday. 3 weeks after the marathon we went to Japan, I took my running kit full of good intentions and you know what, I didn’t run once! And boy could I tell when we got back, my first run in nearly 4 weeks and I thought I was actually going to puke, it was like Id never ran before in my life! Holy smokes it was tough! Totally dismayed I couldn’t believe it, where has all my marathon fitness gone? This was a true case of use or lose it!

Experts say that cardiovascular fitness starts to decline after 7- 14 days of inactivity, the good news is that depending on your fitness level you retain about 80% of your previous fitness for 3 months, and after 4 weeks of training again you will start to see you levels returning. So the lesson here is if your off on hols for longer than a week try and find time to do bit of your regular exercise to maintain your fitness.