Wincle trout fell race – my first ever fell race

Last Saturday saw me take part in my first ever fell race! oh my days it was tough! If you read my previous blog you will know Id had nearly 4 weeks off running and Im not as fit as I was! I’d managed to squeeze in 2 forest runs since being back from holidays but I’d struggled round them. So to be quite honest I was absolutely dreading the fell race, despite Dave telling me I’d be fine!

I entered the fell race to ensure I had something to train for after the marathon incase I never wanted to run ever again. Dave has done it a few times and Rolo and I go to watch complete with Pimms in hand (but not in paws), there is a pimms tent after all, it’d be rude not too and those of you that know me, know I love a Pimms. Dave is the perfect build for fell running, tall and skinny. Fell runners all have extremely long legs and carry not an inch of fat, me on the other hand, I have tiny legs and a big bum (its all muscle – honest) remember I am only 5 foot, so I think Im at a distinct disadvantage, don’t you?

Anyway, the day before the race, the race organisers post that the river we cross maybe deeper than usual! What! “deeper than usual” am I going to have to swim through it? Panic set in and I got online, found the video of the river crossing in last years race and all these tall fell runners were up to their knees, yikes, remember my little legs, double yikes! I then read, this years route was the toughest of the 3 routes (they rotate each year) and we had a 1000 foot of climbing to do, I couldn’t believe what Id let myself in for, or more to the point what my husband had let me in for! With his completely biased outlook when I told him my fears he said, and i quote “you’ll be fine, I don’t know what you’re worried about its not tougher than the forest runs we do” Guess what he was worried at the finish line that they’re might be divorce or at the very least a significant amount of cursing. Well, let me tell you, I didn’t wait till the end to curse, I was saying every word you can think of when I had to go up the very steep hill first time let alone the second time when I had to crawl a bit! His words at the end, “it was tougher than I remember” He quickly bought me a pimms!

The race itself, it was tough, I had to do more walking than I thought I would, the river was a welcome refreshment, in fact I could have gone through it another few times I was so hot, and it wasn’t so deep (see photo below – I’m in the blue), my time was rubbish but I didn’t come anywhere near last, Im not 100% sure I enjoyed it, but will I do it again? Hell YES! (after all next year is the easier route of the 3)

Oh, and the trout we got as our medal went on the bbq!