Im not built for running

“I’m not built for running” “I can’t run”

I hear this everyday when talking to people about running or when Im talking about running. My response last week to a stunned client when they said they’re not built for running was this “you have 2 feet, you have a heart, you have lungs, you have arms and you have a brain, so you’re built for running” Im not entirely sure this is the response they were expecting or wanting but thats what they got.

Im frustrated when I hear the “I’m not built for running” line because we are all built for running, thats what we used to do if we wanted to eat, when we were hunter gathers. What they mean is they haven’t ran for years and when they did it was hard work.

Of course running is hard work, nobody ever said it wasn’t, exercise of any sort is hard work, some may find it easier than others but its never easy, if it was easy we would all be running marathons and breaking records.

People need to manage their expectations and apply the principles of training. That means they should start off slowly and build up their time and distance over weeks and months, they shouldn’t expect to be able to run miles and miles on their first run. I started off running (very slowly) round the block, it wasn’t even a mile circuit and it was torture. Through training smartly I could increase the distance progressively without the risk of injury, boredom or demotivation. I eventually increased my distance to run my first ever 10k without stopping. It took time, it was hard and my little legs suffered but I did it and so can you, hell you might even get the running bug and run a marathon (something I said I would never do but I did!)

With the right programme anyone can be a runner, if you are interested in running why not download our free 10k training programme.

If you think Im nuts and you don’t want to run then thats fine too. We are all different and all like different things, thats ok, do what you love. I love running!