A bad day at the (running) office

Ive had a bad day at the office! The running office that is! What I mean is Ive had a really really really bad race, and man am I sulking!

Running is so frustrating, Ive been here before and Im sure I will be again, but I am so frustrated.

Yesterday was Hatters half marathon, if you know me well (or you’ve been reading my blogs) you will know Ive been training all summer for this race. Ive done the distance, Ive done interval training, Ive ran regularly every week, for what? To do absolutely rubbish and get exactly the same time as last year.

Where did it all go wrong? Here goes; I had an upset tummy first thing (no surprise being as my stomach hates me – damn IBS).  The race started 3 minutes early and I hadn’t  got my GPS signal so I was stressing and set off way too fast. Then I had to make a toilet stop at 3 miles, then my toe nail fell off at 4 miles – ouch! I was ok from 5 miles to 8 when the sun came out. By now I was mentally beaten. Just before 10 miles a kid rode into me on his bike. Then I got a stitch and had to run – walk the last 3 miles because I couldn’t get rid of it.

To be honest Im surprised I finished at all but I did and I got my medal and my sausage butty.

So, how do we get over a bad race? To be honest, I don’t know! I’m a bit lost, Ive thrown a tantrum, Ive cried, Ive vowed never to do that race again but I still feel disappointed. Is it just a matter of time? Do I quickly go back out for a run, do I enter another race (I’ve 3 races booked already) or do I just continue sulking for a few days?

What do you do after a bad race?

For now, Im off to do some Yin Yoga to at least alleviate my physical aches and pains, hopefully it will ease my mind.

You can check out my latest Yin yoga video here and if you fancy trying Yin yoga we have it on at the studio on Wednesdays, check out the timetable here.

On a positive note, these two pictured above with me did amazingly well. Big shout out to Dave (the better half) and Jason (one of our clients)