Salford 10k 2018

Salford 10k done. I have done this race 4 times now although its been 2 years since I last did it. This race has a great atmosphere and is full of runners of all abilities. I can highly recommend it.

Every time I do a race, females say “well done” and males say “what time did you get”. I’ve got to be honest though, Im all about the times and if you read my last blog (bad day at the running office) you’ll see I focus a lot on them. Its a great way to monitor progress, but its also a great way to heap a whole load of pressure on yourself.

My time this year at Salford 10k was rubbish, but after Hatters half last week I knew it would be. My goal at Salford was to go out and enjoy the run and you know what I did.

I completed Salford 10k in 59mins and 49 secs, 2 years ago when I last ran it I finished in 53min 13 secs. But this week, Im ok with that. Rather than beating myself up like I did after Hatter half last week, Ive just accepted it. Yes, I totally wanted to be as close as possible to my previous time but I know understand how my marathon training has changed my pace and mindset. I have to re-learn speed and pushing myself rather than slow and steady. My focus for the new year.

Only 1 race left this year, Delemere halloween night runner where I will be running round the forest with a head torch dressed as a skeleton. Don’t worry we’ll post some pictures on our social media pages.

If you are interested in running a 10k we have a free programme available to download on our website.