Delamere Night Runner

Running in the dark through a forest, who thought that was a good idea? Me! Delamere Night Runner was great fun despite the huge hill at 5km to 6km!

Ive never ran a race in the dark before so I thought it would be good fun. I begged, borrowed and stole (didn’t really steal) a head torch suitable for the run, did one test run with it the week before and that was my prep! Obviously Id done actual running training for it, we do 5 miles up in Macclesfield forest most fridays so I was ready both distance and forest environment wise.

It was definitely tricky under foot (it was halloween after all!) And there were a few ‘men down’ along the route but we managed to finish in one piece. My Pilates saved me when I rolled my ankle, Dave said he thought I was a goner but I remained upright and continued on to battle the dark and the hills.

I think its definitely the hardest 10k Ive ever done due to the monster hill but I sure would recommend it. My 3 tips for training for it though are: do lots of off road runs to get used to the surface. Practice ankle stabilisation exercises. and finally, lots of hill training.

It wasn’t a fast time for me due to the bottle necking on the narrower paths and the monster hill but we were doing this one for fun so we weren’t aiming for a time. See the pic below. Dressing up as skeletons for the run didn’t scream serious race for us, sometimes just running for enjoyment is just as good as running for a PB. I might even say, running for fun is better than chasing that PB.

Keep running and most importantly enjoy