Foot positioning and back pain

If you were building a house you would start from the ground up ensuring that the foundations were strong and stable, so why don’t we apply this to our bodies?

If the feet are out of alignment, what sits on top is also going to be out of alignment. This can explain, knee pain, hip pain, back, neck and shoulder pain. You’ve heard the song, the “the knee bone connects to the leg bone, the leg bone connects to the hip bone, etc”. 

Addressing the position of the feet can have a positive effect on other joints of the body realigning and ensuring correct position of all joints can help reduce many different aches and pains.

Stand up and take a look at your feet. Are your toes pointing forwards? Or are they pointing inwards or maybe outwards? Do you have an arch or is your foot rolling in? Where is the majority of your body weight, forwards, backwards, to the inside or the outside of the foot?

If your toes are pointing in, your knees will be pointing in, your hips will be internally rotated meaning your glutes won’t be able to fire correctly. Likewise, if your toes are pointing out, your knees will be turned out and the hips will be externally rotated meaning glute medius and other hip rotators will be tight. This will then have a knock on effect on your spine. Your pelvis will adopt a position to counterbalance the hip position resulting in an anterior tilt if the toes are turned in and a posterior tilt if your toes are turned out.

An excessive anterior tilt puts stress on the lumbar spine leading to a lordotic posture, compressing lumbar discs and nerves and irritation of the facet joints. Where as an excessive posterior tilt leads to a flat back or sway back posture causing weaknesses in the spinal muscles and ligaments, and possible sciatica.

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So next time your are suffering back pain, take a look at your feet.