Track training

So, I’ve joined the local Harriers so I can attend the track training sessions. This is all part of my beat #sub2hourhalfmarathon plan. Ive 4 minutes to knock off my personal best to get under 2 hours in the Reading half marathon in March. Speed training is the only way to get quicker so love it or hate it, it has to be done.

The first week was absolutely hideous! I thought I was going to be sick into my trainers, no word of a lie! I was definitely questioning my PB ambition under this torture. The first session went like this: 6 hill repeats for your warm up, off you go. Accelerate towards the hill, power up it, maintain your pace over the top and run back down! As you can imagine my reaction was “as a warm up” but off I went and I did 5 reps, I would have puked had I done the 6th! Then it was time for some drills; high knees, heel kicks, bounds, side steps and lunges, lunges – now thats something I can do, we can have more of them. The 4 x 100m sprints, don’t forget we’re still warming up! At this point Im definitely fighting down the sick but Im telling myself, you’ve ran a marathon, you can do this! I really just wanted to go home.

After the warm up was over we split into 2 groups, the fast and slow group, thankfully Im in the slow group! Now we’ve got to do 3 x 400m with 30s recovery in-between, 2 x 800m with 40s recovery and finish with another 3 x 400m with 30s recovery, then a recovery lap.

Firstly, I wasn’t sure I would remember all that and secondly I thought I wouldn’t survive all that! Halfway through the session my glutes were on fire and so were my lungs but I stuck it out and finished the session.

The next day, I was ruined, I had a headache, I felt sick and weak and feeble, I even had to have a nap at 11:30am! But, I vowed I would go back next week, and I did. And the week after that! It hasn’t got any easier, on the second week we had to do 4x 1km intervals after 2 x 200m  and the third week we did 4x 400m and 1 x Mile then 2 x 400m. And, I still feel awful when Ive finished but the sick feeling has gone and I’m seeing results.

The results after 3 sessions; 3 mins off my 4 mile run, 3 mins off my 10k time and all runs are back to pre marathon pace. So, it looks like its working. And, with that in mind Im off to track again in half an hour, wish me luck!