Stockport 10 mile Race

My last race of the year.

Stockport 10 mile race has a reputation for being a toughie, which I didn’t know when I signed up, but it certainly didn’t disappoint on its reputation. It was hilly! Very hilly!

Unsure of what to expect and unsure at what pace to aim for having done 10k and half marathons before but never an in-between of 10miles, I wanted to get under 1 hour 40 mins and as close to 1 hour 30 as I could. I came in at 1 hour 35min 10 secs, so I was very happy with that. (Dave completed it in 1 hour 21mins, with virtually no training, not fair).

I tried to keep my pace on the hills, inevitably the pace going up was slower but I kept my head in the game and kept pushing. All those runs around Macclesfield Forest with Dave obviously paid off, even if I do spend a lot of time cursing.

The whole race went to plan for me, this isn’t something I can usually report. I felt strong the whole way through and even managed a sprint finish on the track. I actually loved finishing on the track, now Im a track convert I knew how far from the line I could push, it was a great finish. All these torturous track sessions must be paying off.

The only hiccup was at the start of the race when the toilet queue was so long I nearly missed the start of the race. They really need more loos. Other than that it all went to plan, even my stomach behaved!

I think, I can say Ive ended my running year on a positive. I’ll definitely being doing this race again.