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My barefoot journey


Now, don’t panic, Im not walking round the streets of Macclesfield barefoot. If you have read my previous blogs you will know I have bunions, suffer with numb toes and regularly encounter blisters and lost toenails. Some of this is...

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Im not built for running


“I’m not built for running” “I can’t run” I hear this everyday when talking to people about running or when Im talking about running. My response last week to a stunned client when they said they’re not built for running...

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Hill repeats – love em or hate em


Some people love hills, some people hate them, and some have a love hate relationship with them. Personally, I struggle on the hills and worry about them in races. I’ve found swearing profusely makes me feel marginally better but doesn’t...

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Stop comparing yourself to others


Stop it, stop it now! Before you go insane! I know we all do it, but what do we gain from it? Nothing but feelings of low self worth and disappointment. Here’s my story of comparing myself to others. I...

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Training inspiration – intervals


If you are looking for some inspiration for your next running session try out my Intervals session below. Ive been doing it for 3 weeks now once a week and Ive knocked my Kilometre time down from 6m17s to 5m38s....

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What’s your excuse?!


So this blog is a little bit of tough love, but sometimes people need it (and Dave says Im an expert in it). We all have those days where we just don’t want to go for a run/ go to...

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Helena completes the Yorkshire 3 Peaks


I love to share an inspirational story and here is one of them. Helena came to Pilates after having a total hip replacement and last month completed the Yorkshire 3 peaks challenge. I am very proud of Helena’s achievements, here’s...

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Wincle trout fell race – my first ever fell race


Last Saturday saw me take part in my first ever fell race! oh my days it was tough! If you read my previous blog you will know Id had nearly 4 weeks off running and Im not as fit as...

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