The key to success is consistency.

To be consistent means to always be acting or behaving in the same way over time. This means the chosen behaviour or action needs to be done regularly to achieve an outcome.

You can’t expect results from a one off trip to the gym/ Pilates class/ Sports massage/ diet club. This may sound a little bit ranty but its common sense really. You didn’t pass exams at school by going to one class all year? You didn’t learn to drive in one hour. And you don’t cure back pain in one trip to a pilates class.

Lets take back pain as the example, how long have you had the back pain? I would hazard a bet that its been longer than week, possibly longer than a month? or even longer than a year? In my experience people put up with back pain for several months if not years before they seek out a Pilates class. Over this period the pain has worsened, your muscles have compensated for the pain either by tightening up or weakening because it hurts, theres been extra stress on the joints because the muscles have changed their movement pattern or holding position and theres been knock on effects on other areas of the body. This didn’t all happen over night, these developed over a period of time due to the initial injury. Therefore it makes sense that if its taken months/ weeks to get into this situation its going to take time to get back out of it. Yes you may feel relief after your first pilates session but its not a magic wand.  I wish I could bippity boppity boo your back pain away with a swish of a wand, I really do because I know back pain is miserable. However, it takes time to correct all the muscle imbalances caused by the compensatory movement patterns, it takes time to improve the range of movement in those restricted joints and it takes time to strengthen the muscles to ensure you keep that back pain away.

Attending a class regularly and consistently will strengthen the muscles, improve mobility and range of movement, improve posture and reduce pain. But you have to be consistent. This applies to the other examples, make the behaviour a habit through consistency and you will achieve the desired outcome, I promise.