Hills, backpacks and feisty sheep

Just a quick one to share our Sunday hill run with you all. As you know we are doing the Omm lite event on the first weekend in May so we had to get some hill practice in. As we have to carry full kit on the Omm lite I decided to run with my backpack too. We did 7.5 miles with 470m ascent it was great fun but so so so tough, obviously we will be doing further on the Omm – eek!

The route was from the bottom of White Nancy, turn off just before the steps up and head across the field slightly downhill to the gate, follow the track along to Rainow, cross over heading right then take first left onto another track, then its through a big field up hill to the road, cross over and through the feisty sheep field. Drop down around the reservoir and climb back up to the first big field again, then retrace back to White Nancy heading up to the ridge, along the ridge and drop back down the other side of White Nancy. If you want the actual route you’ll have to ask Dave as navigation is not my forte!

The feisty sheep field – we headed through the field thinking the sheep were taking no notice of us until Dave turned round and told me they were following. Following wasn’t really the correct term the feisty woolly beasts were chasing! Check out our instagram for the video! Ive never knew sheep could move so fast!!!! It certainly added some excitement to the run.

Enjoy the video!