Chester half marathon

Yesterday we ran Chester half marathon, not the flat course everyone said it would be but good results all round.

If you’ve been reading this blog regularly you will know that my goal this year is a sub 2 hour half marathon and to achieve that I joined my local running club and put myself through the torturous track session every week. Well, you will be glad to know those torture sessions are paying off! In March I ran Reading Half in 2h13mins, a week later I ran Wilmslow Half in 2h11mins and yesterday I ran Chester Half in 2h8mins. So I have already knocked 5 mins off my time, I have 7 more half marathons to run this year, remember my Thirteen 13s challenge too, so in theory I should actually achieve the sub 2 hour dream. Pre marathon in 2017 I ran Tatton Half in 2h4mins so Im still a little bit off my PB but Im heading in the right direction now. Marathon training made me a plodder, you spend months training long and slow so you can complete the marathon and lose all of your pace, unless you continue your speed training which I didn’t, this is the journey back to finding my pace as well as breaking the 2 hours.

A review of Chester Half – it was so so tough! I was told its flat, it isn’t, large sections are flat but the first mile is uphill, theres a monster bridge to run up and over and the last mile is up a steep hill too. There was swearing! The country lanes are very quiet and Ive got to be honest quite boring, I think the race lacked atmosphere. However, the race was fantastically organised, the bling was great and I got an extra small t-shirt. Would I recommend it? Yes. Would I do it again? No.