Flexible ankles

How much movement do you have in your ankles and feet?

Are your feet restricted by wearing shoes all day?

Having flexible ankles makes your gait (walking pattern) be more efficient and helps prevent injuries further up the chain e.g. knees, hips and backs. If movement is restricted in one part of the chain the rest of the chain is compromised either by restricted movement further up the chain or compensatory movements further up, neither is ideal. Restricted movement further up the chain can cause muscle weakness or muscle tightness leading to both joint and muscle issues. Compensatory movements can lead to imbalances in muscles again leading to joint and muscle injuries.

So take off your shoes and stretch your ankles (shown in pic below) but here is how to do it. Standing tall take one foot behind you and point your toes, apply little downward pressure to feel the stretch across the top of the ankle and foot, hold for 10-15 secs.

If you wish to find out more about how your feet affect the rest of your body and how to correct them, check out our Foot Foundations download.