Kelowna Half Marathon

My first international race and number 7 of my Thirteen 13s challenge.

Whilst on holiday in Canada in June we took part in the Kelowna half marathon. It was a fairly quiet race in terms of spectators and atmosphere, maybe because it was at 7am! 7am! who does a race at 7am?! The Canadians, thats who. Usually its absolutely boiling hot when this race takes place so it has to be early to avoid the heat however, it rained for us and was relatively cool, thankfully. We are used to bigger crowds of supporters on half marathons and races including Chief Cheerleader aka my older sister than the few supporters along this route.

The race was a tough route with lots of ups and downs and Ive got to admit I thought we would see more of the lake than we did. We ran the whole race together, something we haven’t done since our very first 10k in Manchester back in 2006, and its safe to say Dave won’t be running another race with me again anytime soon! Apparently I moan a lot! Obviously I would have to disagree!

The race finished at the Kelowna wine festival, the lure of the wine kept me running! The wine was great and it was fab to be able to taste wine from local vineyards, I had to sleep for the rest of the afternoon! I love the race vest we got, it actually fits and the medal was fab. Im afraid we won’t be back for it next year but if we lived in Canada we would.

For those that are interested in time, I knocked 8 seconds off my Chester half marathon time coming in at 2h8mins45s, the quest for a sub 2 hour half marathon continues.

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