Pilates every damn day

I teach 11 group Pilates classes and 6 one to one Pilates sessions a week however I wasn’t practicing what I preached, I wasn’t doing Pilates for myself. I know better than this so I have committed to doing a Pilates session for myself every single day and to remain accountable I have videoed each session and posted it on our instagram stories, feel free to check them out. After the first 4 days I was aching everywhere but now we are on day 9 and I’ve made it a habit I am experiencing much less muscle soreness. Ive always loved Pilates and making the time to do it for myself has made me fall in love with it all over again.

I love the clever things about Pilates, how the little adjustments make all the difference, how each move starts off relatively easy and after 3 reps you can really feel it, I love the insight it gives me to my body’s weaknesses and strengths educating me on the areas I need to work on. I also love that Pilates is for everyone, not just me as a runner or as a teacher but literally everybody. From beginners to advanced there is a level of Pilates for all participants and with a knowledgeable teacher (thats me!) everyone can take part and benefit from Pilates.

So if you want to join me for Pilates either in the online world via instagram or you tube, or in real life at our studio get in touch.