Leek Half Marathon – all the hills!

Leek half! Well, I was warned about the hills and I wasn’t disappointed, they went on for miles and just kept coming, this is definitely the toughest half marathon Ive ever ran. The route itself is very scenic and I never thought Id be running up to the Roaches, which you do in this race. The first hill is after the first mile and the downhills don’t really come until after the roaches at 7 miles. The downhills were steep and short whereas the uphills went on forever.

The field of runners was very spread out and a lot of the course I ran on my own, sometimes wondering if I was last as Id not seen anyone for ages, I wasn’t last, you know I fear that!  Other runners from my club had told me it could take up to 20 mins longer than a normal half marathon, they were spot on, it took me exactly 20mins longer to run this than my last half in Kelowna, Canada in June.

The bling! Well, there was none!!!!! You know I like the bling, I couldn’t believe it, all them hills and no medal! We got a t-shirt but who wants another race t-shirt? Im loving these races where you can opt out of a race t-shirt, I am not loving a race where I get no medal. I wasn’t the only one disappointed at no medal, its a tough course it deserves a medal.

Anyway, would I recommend it? Yes, if you like hills, No if you don’t and you want a medal.

Will I do it again? No, I like my hills off road on the trails.

This was number 8 of my Thirteen 13s challenge, you can still sponsor me for Robyn’s quest for comfort here