Why people who work in offices should do Yoga

Sitting at a desk all day is just not good for you. Your posture suffers, you struggle with back pain, your hips hurt and your breathing organs are squished. Yoga can reverse all of this!

When sitting at a desk we are all guilty of rounding our shoulders and upper back, jutting out our chin and slouching in our chairs. We do this for approximately 40 hours a week its no wonder we all have back pain, stiff necks, achey shoulders and tension headaches.

Yoga releases the shoulders by opening up the chest with poses such as camel, sphinx or cow pose. The twisting postures mobilise the spine and massage the internal organs whilst the hip openers release those shortened hip flexors that cause lower back pain and painful hips.

And in Yoga we breathe! Focussing on the breath not only enables us to direct the breath and flow of air throughout the body it also aids relaxation and lest face it we could all do with a little stress relief and relaxation.

We are adding another Yoga for Office Workers class to our timetable as our current class has been full since we put it on the timetable over 2 years ago. If you would like to try this class book a free taster by emailing Sarah or filling in the box at the top of our website homepage.