Anna’s 100k bike ride

We just wanted to say a massive well done to Anna for completing the Manchester 100k bike ride to raise money for The Christie. Im in total awe, I know Dave would be capable but I sure as hell would not. I can’t imagine spending 100k (60Miles) on a bike, I cried when I did 25k!

Here’s Anna’s story.

“I always rode a bike as a kid, mainly to school all through my teenage years, but I lost it somewhere along the way especially after an ankle injury in a car accident when I was 19. My mobility really reduced and my weight really spiralled out of control after that, and I look at this time as a pretty dark period in my life. I picked up a second-hand bike randomly one weekend 4 years ago and remembered again how freeing riding a bike and ‘feeling the wind in your hair’ (through a helmet, of course!) is. I see riding a bike as something that I could, one day, be as good at as everyone else and my ankle doesn’t matter. Doing long bike rides like the Manchester 100 gives me something to aim for, so I can get past my excuses to bail out on my training, and if I can help with a great cause like the Christie charity, then that’s two birds down!”

Anna comes to the studio twice a week for classes, 1 Pilates and 1 Yoga and has weekly personal training sessions with Dave, she has done incredibly well with her weight loss and her commitment to get fit. Keep going Anna we are proud of you.

If you would like to sponsor Anna here is her just giving link