Macclesfield Half Marathon – number 10 of the Thirteen 13s challenge

Macclesfield Half Marathon, my home race. And I certainly looked like I enjoyed it in this photo.

I run for the Macc harriers and live in Macclesfield so this race is super local to me. That said its the first time Ive ever done it, even though we have lived here 13 years, we are usually on holiday and it has a reputation for being a tough course. Its reputation holds true, it is tough, lots of hills but its a great route.

I got a little bit stressed just before the race, the pressure of it being my club race and me wanting to do well got me a bit wobbly but I needn’t, I had so much support on the course because all the marshals were harriers or local people that I knew, it really helped me get round.

If you read my blogs regularly you will know Im doing Thirteen half marathons in 9 months to raise money for Robyn’s quest for comfort. Macc half was number 10, just 3 to go.

I improved on my disastrous time at Hatters half by 2 mins and coach told me if that had been a flat route I would have come in around 2h9m which is close to my seasons best. I hoping for a PB in Manchester in a couple of weeks time.

Macc half is definitely hilly but I would highly recommend it and Im thinking of being a pacer next year, so I hope you will join me.

Happy running