Pilates for bulging discs

Is Pilates safe if you have a bulging disc? Absolutely. Sure there are exercises and movements I would advise you not to do to avoid aggravating your disc and pain but Pilates can help you so much. Doctors and physics highly recommend Pilates for disc bulges to strengthen your core and your back.

The most common place in your back for a disc bulge is L4 or L5, in your lower back, bulges here can cause you a lot of pain and you will more than likely have tingling or numbness into your legs and feet as the disc is pressing on your nerves. The correct movements can take the strain off your disc and your nerves giving you much needed relief from your back pain.

Pilates is controlled movements aimed at strengthening specific muscles, such as the muscles in your spine and your core. With a disc bulge you would need to avoid flexion of the lumbar spine such as the standing roll down ( bending forwards through the spine) and seated roll back (rolling from seated to lying down) but there are so many other Pilates moves that will benefit you and reduce your back pain.

If you would like to try a Pilates class we have 2 Back Care specific Pilates classes at our studio on Tuesday at 10am and Wednesdays at 7:30pm, email Sarah for a free taster. We also have a digital download on the website for Back care, feel free to check it out here.