How Pilates and Yoga can keep you injury free

Both Pilates and Yoga can keep you injury free in different ways. Pilates addresses muscular imbalances, improves muscular endurance, improves posture and core stability. Yoga lengthens tight muscles, improves flexibility and muscle elasticity.

Runners have many muscle imbalances particularly in the glutes (your bum muscles), you can read more about this here. Pilates can specifically target your weaker muscles and strengthen them. By strengthening your weaker muscles it takes the strain off your stronger muscles reducing the chance of them getting injured through overuse or compensatory movement patterns. Pilates involves repetitions of a movement which increases the endurance of your muscles meaning they can work harder for longer without getting tired. Tired muscles are more prone to injury so improving your muscles endurance will reduce your chance of injury. Pilates will also improve your core stability which helps prevent back pain, hip and pelvis related injuries and improves your running efficiency.

As runners, you are notoriously bad at stretching after runs but regular Yoga classes can help with this. If your muscles are tight they are more prone to strains and tears. Muscles that are long and strong are more able to move to their full length meaning you can lengthen your stride to become a more efficient runner. Muscles that have good elasticity (think stretchy elastic bands) can function efficiently without the risk of ‘pulling’ therefore preventing muscle strain injuries. Yoga can also improve your joint mobility, joints that can move smoothly without restriction are less likely to become injured, keeping you running regularly injury free.

As you can see both Pilates and Yoga have their benefits for keeping you injury free, even better if you can do both. We have the perfect class for runners which incorporates both Pilates and Yoga on Wednesdays at 7:45pm email Sarah to book your place or to try a free taster class. If you want to do just Pilates or just Yoga please check out our timetable.