What to expect at your first class

Nervous about trying a Pilates or Yoga class? Don’t be, heres what to expect at your first class with us.

Whether it be Pilates or Yoga firstly we will ask you to fill out a health questionnaire so we can make sure the class is safe for you and offer you any modifications for any injuries or health issues you may have.

Then we will take you in to the studio and explain how we teach the class. In every class we show you the exercise/ move, talk you through it and then help you if you need it.


In Pilates we always start in standing and go through the posture set up and breathing technique. Then we move into standing exercises, kneeling, all fours, seated, side lying, lying on your front, lying on your back, returning to seated and finally back up to standing at the finish. We do repetitions of exercises in all these positions and sometime use small equipment such as bands, rings and balls.

In Yoga we start in different positions but these are usually either lying down or seated, where we focus on the breath and switching off. Poses are done in lying, seated, standing, kneeling and all fours as in Pilates, but in Yoga we hold the pose. We have props such as blocks, bricks and straps to help you into the pose.

We keep our class numbers small so we can help everyone throughout the class by offering you modifications or adaptations if you need them or correcting your form where necessary.

Everyone is a beginner at some point but we promise you will be fine. Our members are lovely and our studio is welcoming. if you would like to try a free taster class please check out our website and email Sarah to arrange.