We are 5 years old

In February 2015 my dream of having my own Pilates studio came true and here we are 5 years later expanding.

At the beginning of 2015 I started looking for premises to set up a studio having rented rooms in libraries and church halls for years. I was actually renting the room at our studio at the time. I felt at home in that room, it was perfect for me and no other places came close to being right, but it wasn’t mine which Dave kept reminding me so the search continued. However, a week later the studio was offered to me (call it fate or whatever) and two weeks after that we signed the contract and that room became our studio.

5 years on we have 20 classes on the timetable of both Pilates and Yoga taught by either Me or Dave and we have doubled our floor space so we have 2 studios, 1 personal training room for 1-2-1 clients and the Reformer lives in there now too and a Sports Therapy treatment room, we love our studio and we love our members.

If you want to come and have a look at our studios please give us a shout or checkout our timetable on our website.