A golden opportunity

As we near the end of the second week of lockdown, we are settling into our new routines, studio classes are online, alternating who walks Rolo so the other can run. We’ve had our ups and downs of cabin fever but all in all we are doing well.

After the first week of lockdown I found myself thinking this could be a golden opportunity as a runner to focus on the non-running side of our sport. If you read my last blog you will have seen that I plan to run the Gritstone Grind Ultra Marathon in September and staying injury free is paramount to be able to train for the event. As you know I stayed injury free through the Thirteen 13s challenge last year with Pilates and Yoga, this year I planned to do the same but with this extra time on our hands I can add in even more strength and conditioning work alongside the Pilates and Yoga.

My new plan looks like this; Run on alternate days to include 1x long run, 1 x track/ speed session, 1x 10k, 1 x shorter run with hills. Pilates strength on non run day, Yoga on 10k day, Mobility on track day, Plyometrics/ conditioning on non run day, Pilates stability focus on shorter run day and foot exercises alternate days to running.

If you are interested in adding Pilates and Yoga to your running programme, check out our You tube channel for sessions.