Pilates ClassPilates, originally called Contrology was devised by Joseph Pilates to train and rehabilitate his fellow interns during World War 1, He developed the exercises to strengthen the body and the mind as a whole.

Pilates focuses on improving posture, mobility, strength, flexibility and coordination by using the deep core and stabilising muscles. At Variety Fitness we believe that Pilates is for every body and offer beginners, intermediate and advanced classes to suit every age and ability.

Pilates is an effective tool for reducing back pain and is recommended by physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors and doctors, with this in mind Sarah has developed a specialist back care Pilates class that is safe for any back issue.

Sarah also offers specialist Pilates 1-2-1 session for Scoliosis and Hypermobility.


Below is our current Pilates timetable, please click the class on which you wish to enrol. By following the link to the PayPal subscription page you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions.

Classes are run on a monthly direct debit basis at £32 per month, equating to £8 per class based on 48 classes run per year.  The class you register on is the class you attend on a weekly basis, classes are non transferable.

If you wish to attend 2 classes a week the cost is £50 per month.

Not only has Pilates helped with my bad back, it has also meant fewer visits to the Chiropractor!

Christopher G

Who’d have thought that an exercise class could be such fun and informative!? Sarah improved my core strength and overall fitness/energy levels, I can honestly say I have my best night’s sleep after her classes. Thanks for making them so enjoyable Sarah whilst at the same time maintaining a true...

Nicci H

I did Pilates with Sarah up to 37 weeks in my third pregnancy (out of 39 weeks). Sarah can offer safe guidance, which is comforting at a time such as this. I did not exercise at all throughout my second pregnancy and noted a marked difference with the third pregnancy;...

Lisa S

I cannot recommend Sarah’s pilates class more highly. She made me feel relaxed throughout the classes and helped me with the different techniques. She teaches in a way that makes the class really enjoyable. Pilates has helped me with my running by improving my core strength and also my breathing...

Laurie K

I started Pilates classes with Sarah to strengthen my core in an effort to avoid injury. The combination of Sports Therapy and continual Pilates sessions has enabled me to listen to my body, the end result has been a great 10km time and fantastic spins at Salsa!

Lesley S

I have combined the classes with one to one sessions on the reformer and this has really helped my back. After the reformer sessions I feel as though I have done a proper workout with all the effort but none of the pain. I feel looser, more flexible and ‘stretched’....

Kirsten B